Better and unified software keyboard

Better and unified software keyboard

Postby mautilus » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:17 am


After fighting with the numerous keyboards on different TVs we decided to provide own keyboard with use of DIV elements. It give us full control of the keyboard skin, position, size and keys we need to display + we could offer e.g. Arabic keyboard on TVs, where it is normally not available. Also we are free of various bugs related to INPUT element focusing...

I agree that on some TVs the keyboard is now better than ours, but since we need the application run on different models, on older TVs and also on set-top boxes, the time and costs we save with own keyboard is incomparable, while we still deliver our customer quality keyboard we maintain and improve.

STA should press more on manufacturers to provide better keyboards. The feedback we are getting from customers and also from our testers and developers is that majority of nowadays keyboards are unusable or hard to use.

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Re: Better and unified software keyboard

Postby SDK_STA » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:26 am

STA is discussing the better keyboard handling, including how to use the built-in keyboard when needed (not conflicting with the app provided keyboard). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. FYI, The TV manufacturer difference is written in the section 4 of "Software Development Kit Application Development Diversity Handling Guidelines".

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