Accessing Hardware information

Accessing Hardware information

Postby email_r_AgHhMnS6aC » Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:48 am

We would like to build a graphics intense application and are interested in getting information about the hardware of individual TV-setups (graphic card,sound card, memory, etc..).

Is it possible to get this information from the Smart TV Alliance Program?

Also at the same time we would like to dirctly access an influence hardware settings through our application.

No worries, we are not planning to over clock the CPU, we are interested in creating a better viewing experience with the help of hardware adjustments.

Thank you for any information and please feel free to ask further questions in case anything isn't clear.
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Re: Accessing Hardware information

Postby SDK_STA » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:12 pm

Dear sir/madam,

information on differences between hardware of the TV device is - for Smart TV Alliance purposes - handled (solely) through the capability mechanism that is described in the Smart TV Alliance Specification and the Smart TV Alliance Developer Guidelines ( ... umentation).
There are no options to influence hardware settings through the Smart TV Alliance specification. In general, TV devices are highly optimized embedded devices with specific graphics engine, that offer no user or developer oriented modification options, as the software is already configured for the most optimal settings. In (unlikely) cases where there *are* specific options a developer can set, you could check with the individual manufacturer of the TV device.

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