Beginner Questions!!

Beginner Questions!!

Postby email_r_4uHB4gJ5UL » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:05 am

Hello TV,

I have a HTML app to be run on SMart TV alliance TV's. I am really confused with the documentation. I have installed smart tv alliance 4.0 SDK.
There are no proper documentation on how to create and run the apps using this SDK. Also, where is the information about the STA emulator? I don't see any documentation on emulator!! where is STA emulator first of all? is it installed automatically during installation of SDK? if so, how to use that? How create new project and run on STA emulator or on TV? How to import the example code into SDK?

Seems many question!!! but, I really couldnot find any answers with the documentation given!!!

Please please help!!
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