General question regarding SDK

General question regarding SDK

Postby aldin_1 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:22 am

Hi, I have some doubts of benefits using this sdk, I started using the sdk with hope that at the end I will have application that runs on all smart tv's that sdk supports...
But until now sdk didn't help me at all... why?
Let us begin with streaming video content. I had a problem with playing streams with sdk and the support told me to use VIDEO tag (html5), so basicly sdk does nothing here, because VIDEO tag is html5 functionality so I could do this without sdk.
Here is the answer from support regarding this video problem :
\"Hi Aldin,
To play media, using VIDEO / AUDIO tag is expected here. \"

Next problem is the getting serial number (UID) or MAC address which is really important for my application and sdk doesn't help there too...
Here is the answer from support regarding the UID or MAC address problem :

Hi Thomas B,
In case you want something like Device ID or MAC Address, it is out of current spec.

So the next problem is testing application on real device, also sdk doesn't help here because look at this answer from support

Answer :
The Smart TV Alliance does not have the procedures for testing on specific devices. You should contact the individual manufacturers for this.

So my question is : What exactly is the purpose of this sdk, how is sdk helping me to create application for various smarttv?
Does this sdk has some functions (methods), api calls ,call it whatever you want, for controling audio and video (volume up/down, mute, play video, pause video, stop video etc...)

I hope you can help me and clarify what for this sdk is good for?


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