Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits by Membership Level
Benefit Sponsor Contributor Community
Eligible for Election to the Board of Directors    
Initiate Work Groups or Committees    
Approve Final Deliverables*    
Approve Operating Budget*    
Chair Committees and/or Work Groups    
Participation and Vote in Committees    
Vote in Work Groups  
Fully Participate and Vote in Work Groups  
Participate in Work Group Meetings held at face-to-face All Member Meetings†
Participate in Special Projects  
Certify Compliant Products and Utilize Certification Logo  
Access Draft Deliverables
Access Final Deliverables
Participation in press articles & interviews
Use of Alliance Logo
Access to members only website
Participation in general or annual meetings
Receive member communications
Annual Fee $50,000
with $75,000 Board Premium
$25,000 for >= 500 employees

$15,000 for
< 500 employees

$7,500 for
< 100 employees

* If elected to the Board of Directors
†Face-to-face All Member Meetings are typically held twice per year - once in the Spring/Summer and once in the Fall.